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Could Your SEO Business Use MORE Backlinks?Here’s the thing … I'm sure by now you've read a couple of SEO guides. Doing things by hand will even make things worse. A lot of your time can be wasted, especially if you don’t get the results you’re  looking for.
The best SEO education you can find is just a couple of keystrokes away. All you have to do is look at high traffic searches in competitive niches like “acai berry”, “lose weight fast”, ”reverse phone lookup”, “get ex back”, “forex software” …

Take a second to have a good look at the top results and their backlinks. Most results are there not because they have the best, most useful content. It’s their tens of thousands of backlinks and you can be sure they are not handmade.

A lot of SEO “theories” make it more complicated than it really is. Have a decent piece of content posted and have a large number of backlinks from different established sources pointing to you. The backlinks you get must have the keywords you target as anchor text -> this will tell the search engines your article must be important if someone’s looking for your keywords.

Diversity and volume of backlinks are the new/old king and queen of SEO. Most profitable niches are dominated by a handful of hardcore SEOers using automation. It’s a fact. Would you like to break through?

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