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Magic Submitter Review:
This software has been created by the famed Alexandr Krulik, creator of Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. If you haven’t heard of these programs please brush up by Clicking Here! Alexandr came on the internet marketing automation scene in 2009 and took the website marketing arena by storm. His two products out performed other marketers products by an immeasurable amount and COST LESS!

MAGIC SUBMIITER – The Next Wave of Internet Marketing and Website Promotion! Now Alexandr has gone way beyond article marketing and an automated article submitter. Magic Submitter will submit to ANY WEB PROPERTY! It doesn’t matter if it is an article directory, or a Web 2.0 blog such as Blogger, a social bookmarking site such as Propeller, or an RSS aggregator such as IT CAN DO IT ALL!You may be thinking, “what about solving all those CAPTCHA’s?” No worries! This website marketing submitter program integrates with 3rd party CAPTCHA solving services such as

Not only does this program help you to submit to the top Web 2.0 properties and social bookmarking sites, it automates the ACCOUNT CREATION!What Accounts are Included? The quick answer – A LOT!!! So, what I’m saying is, out of the box this program will automatically create accounts and submit: aricles, bookmarks and BLOGS to all the best Web 2.0 properties, BUT – IT DOESN’T STOP THERE!You Can ADD YOUR OWN SITES! This is where Magic Submitter gets sweet. Magic Submitter has a Designer Mode, so you can actually train this website promotion software to do what YOU WANT! If there is a site you like, all you have to do is run the program through the account creation process and submission process ONCE, and it will automate it for you FROM NOW ON!

Download Magic Submitter 1.42 Cracked:

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