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This plugin will allow new users to sign into your forum through the Google OAuth authentication system. Uses no OAuth Libraries, solely IPB API. Configuration for Display Name usage, either to force
input(MUST Allow Display Name Changes, else real name is used), or use information provided by Google, either full name, given name, or family name, and what group users registering through this method should be placed in. This Plugin will also Allow Existing Users to Associate Their Google Account with their forum account, and import thier Profle Photo For Use From Google. Includes a Wrapper Class for making further calls to google API Services as a site may need for the user on their authorization, and documentation thereof.

Sign in through Google For IPB 3.3.x What’s New in Version:

Complete rewrite to not depend on emails.
UCP Tab added allowing the user to Link an existing account to google, Import Their Photo From Google, and disassociate the IPB Account from the Google account and Revoke access_tokens thereof.
Prompt is Now Forced in UCP, Offline access requested.
If you choose to allow auto on login, re-association of the UCP will be required.
*Previous Versions Note* is irrelevant now, previous users will login to their existing accounts, further regression bug fix to do with passwords through missing members_created_remote key to allow changing of the password.

Sign in through Google For IPB 3.3.x More Info:

Sign in through Google For IPB 3.3.x Demo

Sign in through Google For IPB 3.3.x

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