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Just finished fooling around with it on a test blog after buying it and it absolutely lives up to what Cossack claims it does.

If anything he’s actually UNDER-selling it on his sales page because it’s an extremely powerful app that has much more importance than just adding a few extra functions.

Everyone from the average human visitor to Googlebot itself now wants to see all of these high-end features on a site, and if they’re not present both of them will quickly go away. That’s something we’ve noticed ourselves the past few months, as the days of just throwing up a quick ‘micro’ or ‘sniper’ site and seeing it do well are gone, with the exception of some small niches that are either new or haven’t been saturated yet.

With Cossack’s app it’s like giving an old car, or an underpowered car, a new turbocharger and an extra 200 horsepower…which is very neat considering that it can be applied in an ulimited way to endless numbers of pre-existing sites.

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