"They Like Me" Wordpress Plugin Free

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"They Like Me" WP Plug-in "A Secret Blackhat Method That Allows You to Abuse The FB 'Like' System to Promote Your Content Like an Unstoppable Epidemic"

Forget about having to beg people to 'Like' your content on FB.
Now you can get visitors to 'Like' your content without them even knowing
Simply install this WP plugin on up to 20 of your blogs and leave it to work its magic.
There are no special settings for this plugin, just upload it an activate it like any other WP plugin.
Get your website visitors to automatically "Like" your content without even asking them.
The plugin works in total stealth mode.
Your visitors will not realize that they're actually posting a "Like" about your content to their FB wall.
There is no other WP plugin that does what this plugin can do.

Usage Instructions
Download and unpack
Upload "they-like-me v1.3.zip" to you site
Follow install instructions in readme.txt
Register plug-in with your Personal Access Code : PZTCGT4F

Download "They Like Me" Wordpress Plugin Free

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